Damn you, American Teen!

Yesterday was commencement: not only did I finish everything in time to graduate, but "Barry Manilow's Wardrobe" won me the "Paul Smith Prize" for this year's distinguished Master's thesis (woohoo!). So, now I'm thinking about "what next?" Publish?

If that's the current plan of action, then I'll probably end up turning the epilogue into a full-length chapter, and then writing a proper epilogue. I wrote about this movie before, but after watching the new trailer, and seeing the poster (which, if you happen to have wandered onto this website from a virtual knitting circle, you may not have realized is a mock-up of The Breakfast Club), I'm thinking that it will give me more than a little reason to write some more.

It brings me back to one of the essential (though largely unaddressed) questions of the thesis: which came first, the social stratification in high schools, or the social stratification in high schools as depicted in The Breakfast Club?

Oh, btw Nanette, it's the jock, the geek, the rebel, the princess and the criminal.

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