Not Another Teen Movie, Can't Hardly Wait.

I'm not quite sure why I thought I needed to see this one again. It's horrible. Really, really terribly awfully horribly bad. Like the other scary-movie-style-spoofs that I've seen, most of the jokes revolve around sex, nudity, excrement and the like. Apparently, John Cryer - Duckie! - was asked to be involved:
I read the script for Not Another Teen Movie. They actually wanted me to come in and audition to play the teacher who, when the sewage thing explodes above them, is drenched in human feces. I said, 'Wait, let me get this straight. You want me to come in and audition to be drenched in human feces? No, no, no, For the feces-drenching, I'm offer-only.'
The movie's only redeeming quality was a cameo appearance by Jon Benjamin - Coach McGuirk on Home Movies. Yay! - which was actually pretty funny, though in order for it to be a cameo I think Jon Benjamin would have to actually be famous. Not just in a geeky fan-boy way.

For my money, this movie is the real deal. Not a spoof, really, but it is a great teen movie in a meta sense. It has it's own story, and it does it's own thing, but it is also delightfully self-aware. Aren't references more fun if you're not being clobbered over the head with them?

Btw, Elfont/Kaplan also made this movie, which is woefully underrated. Really. Trust me.