Newport South; Reach the Rock

I found this article some time last week. I had not realized that John Hughes wrote the screenplay for Reach the Rock, which I knew about only because John McEntire of Tortoise-fame composed the soundtrack. Geek-that-I-am, I purchased a VHS copy on Amazon for $.01 - plus the $2.98 shipping cost - which I received yesterday. When the flow stopped some time last evening - still working on The Breakfast Club chapter, for feck's sake - I sat down for another perspective on the mind of John Hughes.

It was not disappointing, if not actually enjoyable, which was a surprise given the fact that it pretty much disappeared upon release. The story - which takes place in Shermer, IL - could be reasonably described as a return to the teen-angsty flicks of yore. At least it was much more BreakfastClub than CurlySue. Damn it, I liked it, and I would watch it again, but I am a geeky fan-boy of sorts.

Speaking of which... There is another almost completely unknown high school movie, tangentially connected to the Hughes canon. Newport South was written by John Hughes Jr. with dad acting as executive producer. It is about as angsty as they get; three friends orchestrate an all out rebellion in their high school with the help of some hip graphic design and a soundtrack that out-cools the movie itself. No wonder that Hughes Jr. would be more successful as muso and big-serious-important-guy at Hefty Records.

Newport South also features this guy as an emblem of angry authority. I ran into him in Boston recently and recognized him from NS, not realizing that he had claims to fame far more weighty than bit-parts in virtually unknown high school flicks. I accosted him, and explained that I had a keen interest in silly movies about high school. He seemed bemused, if not slightly annoyed, and rightly so. He also wrote and directed this movie, which was nominated for an oscar or five, and this movie, which I still haven't seen, but it has one of the best trailers I have ever had the privilege to witness.

Ok, geek-time is over, back to work. I plan to post Chapter One later today.

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Wendy said...

I wouldn't recommend Little Children, but I also couldn't make it through In The Bedroom. However Patrick Wilson and Kate Winslet are pretty hot.