Geek Out - The John Hughes Font?

I'm working on "Chapter 1" now, which focuses on The Breakfast Club and therefore will have to say something about the larger Hughes oeuvre. This morning I started watching Pretty In Pink - one Hughes movie that I would prefer to forget - and I noticed that the opening credits use the same font that appears in the opening credits of TBC. I had a hard time finding an example of what I'm referring to online, but if you click here you can briefly see the typeface in question.

Are there any hipsters out there, well versed in the alchemical vagaries of graphic design, that could help me find out what this font is called, or if it has had any other applications?


Wendy said...

Hi eric,
I think Bernhard Gothic is the font you want.

I'm not a hipster, but I like this site:

http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ You can upload a .jpg of the font in question and it will analyze it and tell you exactly what it is.

Unless you were talking about the typeface in the quote from Changes...

ericdbernasek said...

You may not be a hipster, but you are super-cool. Thanks! That definitely looks right.