Dear Mr. Vernon,

Yes, another blog. Proving that you never really kick the habit, I've returned to blogger to pour some amount of time and energy into another initially promising, but ultimately short lived self publishing venture. By curse or blessing I have found myself with the next four and half weeks to devote _all_ of my time and energy to completing my Master's thesis in English (with a focus on rhetoric and media studies).

That's the title up there. "Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?": Themes of Authority and Rebellion in American Movies About High School. More details forthcoming.

I started up this here blog in order to keep my brain limber with a steady regimen of note taking and informal writing. Somehow, blogs keep my creativity in operational mode. I will probably be posting here several times a day. It is your responsibility, dear reader, to leave encouraging/discouraging comments/suggestions about this ridiculous work in progress so that it may quickly become a finished product.

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